Dads, Moms, and Doulas! How Can A Doula Work With My Partner?

In recent years, a wave of women with varying birth plans are choosing doulas to be an extra help with labor and delivery of their newborn- and for good reason. Studies have found that trained doulas have helped provide a lower chance of mothers having a cesarean and help them feel positive about childbirth.

Doulas are there for dads and partners as well- not only the mom-to-be. They offer invaluable emotional and practical support during the sometimes overwhelming experience of childbirth. Dads-to-be may worry that having a doula during delivery pushes them out of the main support role during labor but that is not true! Their role is to accentuate the dad’s role and overall help the birthing couple welcome their new bundle of joy. She’s a part of the birthing team, not a replacement. By providing support for dads and partners, a doula helps him to support the mother as well.

Since doulas are able to be there around-the-clock throughout the entire experience, dads and partners are able to take a break. Knowing someone else is able to care for the expectant mother can be very reassuring.

New fathers also often lack experience, so having a doula to be on your side and support your vision is very important. Your doula will talk to you during your prenatal meetings to get an idea of what kind of role you would like her to play. Our team even teaches dads the techniques we use to comfort birthing people! Doulas bring a ton of experience because they have been to a number of births, and are armed with training from their organization.

Dads and doulas work together to support the mom- the doula brings her knowledge of birth, and the partner brings his love for the mom and soon-to-be earth side baby.

I hope this article helps you better understand how helpful a doula can be for not only mom-to-be! Contact us if you have more questions about a doulas support with dads and partners or birthing with a doula! 


Lily Carter

Golden Lotus Doula Services