Natural Minded and Respectful OBGYNs In Pittsburgh

natural obs in pittsburgh

Choosing a provider that is respectful of your wishes is one of the most important elements of your birth experience.

I am sure you have been looking in Facebook groups, searching the internet with searches for “natural birth OBGYNs”, “natural minded OBGYNs”, “best OBGYNs in Pittsburgh”. This search can be frustrating!

As a doula, I have worked with many OBGYNs, sure some births don’t go as planned and require flexibility on everyone’s part- but these are the doctors that I have personally found to be extremely respectful of clients wishes. I have nothing but positive things to say about them and if you would like to ask us any questions about how they work with doulas- reach out!

Specifically this list earn extra points in our book for encouraging clients to try natural alternatives for augmentation, sharing all their options with them for pain relief, being great providers of informed consent, being flexible with birth photography, and handling cesareans with flexibility by allowing a doula in the OR with the client to have continuity of care if the birth goes in that direction.

Reach out to them, tell them we sent you! We are happy to work with these providers and more- this is by no means a finite list and is ever changing!

Dr. Maria Udrea, Century Medical Associates (AHN)

Dr. Liz Pronesti (St Clair)

Dr. Sheila Ramgopal (Private Practice takes both insurances)

Dr. Zen Rosado (MFM at Magee)

Dr. Carols (MFM at Magee)

Dr. Stacy Beck (MFM at Magee)

Dr. Francesca Facco (MFM at Magee)

Dr. Renata Hoca (Magee)

Dr. Glen Updike (Magee)

Dr. Mylynda Massart (Magee)

Dr. Meghan Minnock (Magee)

Dr. Kathleen Carroll - Magee

Dr. Michael England - Magee

Dr. Ferris - West Penn

Dr. Logan at Jefferson

Zubritzky and Christy at St. Clair

Looking to add a doula to your birth team? Our goal is to have a collaborative effort with whatever providers you choose, everyone is on the same page working together towards a common goal. Sure birth takes turns along the unpredictable path- our goal is that you feel supported, informed, and respected along the way. We hope some of these Natural OBs in Pittsburgh help you accomplish your goals too!

Thinking about midwives? Check out our resources page for hospital and home birth midwives!