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Question Time!

Thanks for thinking of inviting us to your next birthday party! We probably won’t bring balloons, but we will bring years of experience support people just like you, with birthday wishes just like yours!


  • “What does a doula even do?”

  • “I’m really skeptical of using a doula. Do you know what you’re doing? Are healthcare providers going to be present?”

  • “Do doulas support people who want to birth in the hospital and/or get an epidural?”

  • “Do doulas try to take the place of the partner?”

Imagine going through an airport for the first time by yourself, versus with someone who travels all the time! They know what to do if your flight gets delayed, where to go, how to navigate changes to the plan, and get you to your destination. A doula is like that but for birth!
— Lily Carter



  • Doulas help you stay strong and calm utilizing evidence based emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, labor&delivery, and postpartum.

  • Doulas help you navigate your birth preferences: “Where do you want to deliver your baby? Do you want be receive pain medications and interventions or do you prefer non-pharmacologic pain interventions? Do you want to breastfeed?”

  • There is no right or wrong answer. We help you find out which type of birth is best for you. Every birth is unique and sacred. Contrary to what many believe, in addition to being present for home and birthing center births, doulas are right there with our clients in hospitals as they are receiving an epidural. Doulas assist in cesarean births at hospitals, as well. (We don’t just do births at home or at birthing centers

  • Don't worry partners/friends/family/support system--we will never forget you! I promise we are not here to take your place. We are here to help your loved ones help you. We can work as a team. Every situation is unique and you will decide what feels best. Some people say, “My partner is my left hand and my doula is my right.” –Penny Simkin, author of The Birth Partner.

    What Does Doula Mean?

    Pronounced 'doo-la' — doula is a Greek word meaning 'servant or caregiver'- it refers to someone who is trained to offer emotional, informational and physical support to someone and their partner before, during and after childbirth. A doula (also known as a birth attendant) believes in nurturing the birthing parent and supporting them in every aspect of parenthood and birth.

    Why Do People Use Doulas?

    People want to be listened to, to be as comfortable as possible not only physically during birth, but emotionally. They want to have the experience of a lifetime and not one they will feel they didn’t have a say in… They want to be supported with information that will help them have a quick birth that continues to progress so they may meet their baby quickly. They want to perhaps go naturally to see if the experience can be as instinctual as possible. They want to be able to have someone with continuous presence who knows birth, knows them, and knows how to interact with the providers to accomplish their birth goals, and to help explain choices when things do not go as planned. They want a calm in the storm to support them when things seem overwhelming and to remind them… you can do this.

Other’s Experiences with Doula Support

o "My doula was there to support me through my whole pregnancy, labor and postpartum. We had two prenatal visits, she was there for 6 hours of my labor and came to visit when my daughter was two weeks old to help us with tips on how to adjust to being home and help with any questions + lactation support."

o "She gave me so many coping methods and she was really amazing at her job. I had no medication. It was amazing."

o "During labor she was able to help my partner support me and remind him of what I wanted and the things he could do."

o "I had my partner coaching me and holding my hand, doula doing hip compressions, and my mom pouring water down my back. I felt like I had a secret weapon in my back pocket.. anytime something wasn’t working our doula had another idea or something new to try."

Maybe you do not want someone else in the room?

but you want support prenatally, to learn coping mechanisms, for us to teach your partner how to support you, for us to be your go-to for questions and support, for us to talk to you about your birth plan and navigating options and give you advice virtually during your birth?

Check out our Birth Concierge Package!

“Like travel guides in a foreign country, birth and postpartum doulas help support new families through the life-changing experience of having a baby!”

- DONA (Doulas of North America)
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+ When nurses do a shift change, your Doula is there.
+ When your on-call OB is working through appointments before needed, your Doula is there.
+ When your partner needs a break, your Doula is there.
+ When you need an extra set of hands, your Doula is there.
In modern-day birth settings, where particular policies guide healthcare professionals, a huge gap is created between an expecting family and their caregiver. Discussing options available during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum is not often something that happens with true informed consent and exploration of risks and benefits. Your Birth Doula has your family’s best interests in mind. Their primary responsibility is to you, not to a hospital, doctor, midwife or nurse. They are there to bridge the gap by providing guidance, evidence-based information, non-judgemental emotional support, and physical support to assist your family with their unique birth goals. The most important role of a Doula is to provide continuous support during labor and delivery. With a Doula, you will always have someone by your side and on your side.
— Paige Lopinto