Golden Lotus Doula Services

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Client Experiences 

Thank you so so so much. I firmly believe without you I would be recovering from a C-section right now. I can’t stress enough how much YOU helped! You get a 10/10 from me and my husband. He said he was so impressed and that you did more to help me and the baby than anyone in the room!
— Devon R.
We hired Lily for the birth of our third baby and I’m so thankful we did! She was very professional with everything. Lily helped us discuss and decide some aspects of our birth in the weeks before. For example, she was able to provide research and education regarding cord-blood banking, delayed cord clamping, and placenta encapsulation. She came and met our older boys before the birth and checked in with me frequently as we passed the due date! When labor finally started and progressed she helped support my husband and I by taking over timing contractions, supporting me as we tried to position the baby lower on my pelvis, and was quick to help as my labor took a very quick turn from the second to third phase of labor. Lily also offered photography during the birth and I’m so thankful for the beautiful moments she captured. They were very tasteful and really captured the joy of the moment! Lily visited us at home after the birth doing postpartum care where she came and helped us with childcare of the older boys as well as some household chores. The ultimate treat for me was the plate of lactation cookies she made! They were absolutely delicious and definitely helped with milk supply. Lily is a fantastic doula and truly strives to help the laboring mom feel supported!
— Amanda K.
Lily is so so great. After we did the first consult, we didn’t have much time before I gave birth, but she made me feel as though I was her best friend and was the only thing of importance on her schedule (which I would never expect) but that’s how it felt. The night I went into labor it was fast and furious, and she was prompt, and concerning; knowing what my desires were. After the baby was born she knew my diet restrictions and made me amazing paleo lactation cookies, followed up with me on multiple occasions offering to help! Again, she is great! I have recommended her to many friends!
— Rachel U.
Having my birth with Lily was such a healing experience for me. I felt in control of the decisions I made. She always provided me lots of information on topics my husband and I were unsure of. She was extremely helpful and after birth, her postpartum visits really helped me adjust to having two children in the house and healing after birth! Lily felt like having a best friend who knew everything about birth and what I needed, she was such a calming presence in the room!
— - Meghan O.