Placenta Encapsulation

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Placenta Encapsulation- Ancient HEaling

Placenta Encapsulation unlocks your bodies most underutilized organ. Increase your milk supply, boost healing, and supress postpartum depression with this ancient practice of encapsulation.  I also offer tinctures and balms that can be used for years to come!

I am trained by IPPA to process your placenta safely. This means in a sanitized environment, free from contamination. I follow strict protocols to ensure your placenta is processed correctly, from the initial contact, to delivery- every step of the way your placenta is respected and handled carefully. 

I offer both raw and chinese method of encapsulations, and your placenta is encapsulated and steamed with your choice of herbs customized to what you faced during your pregnancy. Perhaps you had nausea, I would suggest a preparation with ginger and lemon for example! Everything is custom to each person, no two placentas are the same! 

  • Our services include pick up and drop off of your placenta and placenta pills

  • Choose from the Chinese or Raw method of preparation

  • Customized choice of herbs to accompany your healing

  • Each package comes with your pills, there is no guarantee to how many you will receive because placentas vary in shape and size! I can only promise that I do my process with as little waste as possible.

  • I also provide placenta art prints, your choice of natural blood print or food grade dye, a cord keepsake, and your bottle of pills with instructions.

  • Add on Mother's Broth, Balm, or Tinctures for an additional small fee.

You can view our pricing for Placenta Encapsulation and more on our Services tab under Investment.


What are the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation?

Because there is no actual research on placenta encapsulation in general, we cannot guarantee that you will experience any benefits from it. What we can share with you, though, are the anecdotal reports from women who have utilized this service. Some of the most common benefits of encapsulation include:

  • increased breastmilk supply

  • balancing of the hormones

  • helps combat the "baby blues" and Postpartum Depression

  • increase in postnatal iron levels

  • decrease in postnatal bleeding

  • increase in energy levels

  • decrease in fatigue

  • overall better mood

What sets you apart?

Your safety, peace of mind, and our professionalism are our top priorities. The guidelines that we are required to hold ourselves accountable to far exceed the standards of our industry.

  • You can be confident that your placenta is in fact yours, we only process one at a time.

  • You can rest assured that your placenta is being treated and prepared with the utmost sanitary standards. We are trained to the european protocols which are the strictest and you actually must be regulated as a lab-tech to preform this in other countries! We take your safety seriously.

  • We are blood-borne pathogen and food service safety certified, and trained by IPPA to process, encapsulate, and sanitized to the strictest standards.

  • We have fast turn around times and give you educated information about how to get the most out of your encapsulation, and more importantly- what to avoid when it comes to picking an encapsulator. Whether you choose us or not- we want you to have a safe experience!

How and when do I contact you?

We ask that you contact your placenta specialist between the hours of 9am and 9pm within 12 hours of the birth of your baby. Ideally, your placenta will be encapsulated within the first 24-48 hours of birth. Contacting us promptly will allow us to coordinate our schedules so that we can accommodate you at your earliest convenience.

What do you need from me?

You can feel confident that our equipment and supplies are sanitized according to our Blood-borne Pathogen training and prepared for your encapsulation. All we need from you is the placenta, the agreement sent along with your deposit, and for you to bring a cooler to the hospital. Everything else is our responsibility.

What do I do with the placenta until you get here?

Let your provider know you plan on taking the placenta with you and that you have a cooler. The nurse will double bag the placenta typically in biohazard bags. The placenta MUST be placed in a small cooler (that you bring with you) over ice within 2-4 hours of the birth. Keep the ice fresh every 4-6 hours if baby is born overnight and we will not be picking up until morning. You will need to place the placenta in the freezer if you are at home/when you get home if we cannot get to you immediately, we will provide you with specific instructions should this situation arise.

When do you start the process?

Ideally, we would like to begin the process within 1-2 days of the birth of your baby, so that your capsules will be ready for ingestion by day 5. If this is not possible, freezing your placenta and then defrosting it prior to encapsulation is recommended. We pick up placentas between 9am-9pm. If we are at a birth and unable to pick up, please keep it in your cooler on ice, or have a family member take it home to freeze it. (No worries, it is double-triple bagged!)

What Is The Length of the process?

The entire process takes approximately 2 days. The placenta will dehydrate overnight for 12-16 hours. We typically return placenta capsules to you within 48-72 hours of pick up. We only process one placenta at a time. We do not suggest or recommend taking placenta capsules until postpartum day 5 or beyond.

When Do I my capsules?

While we will discuss general guidelines for consumption after the 5th day of the postpartum, we will discuss adjusting dosage and consumption to meets your needs. 

What is The Placenta Encapsulation cost?

Placenta Encapsulation is $250. If you live outside of our service area, we may need to charge a small travel fee. This fee amount includes the print on watercolor paper, placenta capsules (your choice of capsule), and cord keepsake. There are additional add-on's you can purchase as listed below:

Balm: $18

Tincture: $15

Mother’s Broth: $20

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