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We are professionally trained doulas in the Pittsburgh area. We specialize in using natural comfort measures to make your labor faster, comfortable, and empowering. 

birth doula pittsburgh
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As a birth doula we help you develop a birth plan prior to delivery, and provide 24/7 on-call support via phone up until your due date. When you are in labor, we can join you at home and assist you emotionally and physically at home until you are ready to transport to your hospital or birthing center. When we arrive at the hospital/center we help you through the contractions and help your partner assist you as well! we like to think of birth as not just a baby being born but a family as well. 

we use massage, counter-pressure, rebozos, positioning, squats, movement suggestions, essential oils, breathing techniques, and visualizations. A lot of women report lower pain and higher birth satisfaction with doulas, we love empowering women at their most transient time. We support all of your decisions, whether you want a medicated or unmedicated birth, c-section, water birth, to breastfeed or formula feed, I am not here to judge but to lift you and your decision up as a woman.   

All of our birth doula services includes one-two prenatal visit(s) that we will go over your birth plan, 24/7 support over phone until your due date, labor support in your home if you choose and then at your hospital or birthing center (unlimited hours, some births are 6 hours some are 45 the price is the same, we don't want you to feel like you are "on the clock"), and we also include 8-hours of postpartum support in one package, and 15 in the premium package. For the postpartum support we can come the following day or sometime the following week and help you get settled into your home with your new baby. we can cook, clean, watch other children, help with breastfeeding techniques or whatever else you need. 

We hope this gave you a little bit of insight into what I can provide you! If you are interested in scheduling a complementary Coffee date or consultation!

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